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Course tailored to you

With eTutor, you set your own learning plan - you learn when you want and at the pace you like.

We know the recipe for effective memorisation

Aye, we have AI! We have created a repetition system based on artificial intelligence. It will pick up words that are difficult for you and help you remember them faster.

eTutor ❤️️ Diki

The language learning superduet will delight you! Check new words, add them to your repetitions and listen to the recordings. And all that in one app!

With us you gain linguistic confidence

As you complete lessons on the platform, you develop every skill. You will feel the freedom to write, read, listen and speak.

Learning with us is an adventure

With eTutor, you not only climb to the heights of language proficiency, but also discover cultural fun facts, beat your own records or compete with other users in language games.

eTutor <3 Diki

eTutor courses are integrated with the Diki dictionary. You can add each item to repetitions with one click.

  • plus Sie können ganze Sätze hinzufügen
  • głośnik Aussprache anhören und die Verwendung jedes Kennworts überprüfen
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